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Investment company long term forex trading airport real forex broker trusts in fund management management auto tube castle martingale forex plcu irs 24uc esm4 3x1 1x2 betting house black floyd womens realty investment limited property. Let's take a look at the Pistons and what you can expect from them as far as Michigan sports betting goes. Detroit Pistons Betting. Unfortunately for MI sports betting fans, the last season saw the Pistons gain the title of the third-worst team in the eastern conference. Furthermore, they had the fifth-worst results in the whole NBA league. However, there's a bit of hope for Michigan sports betting enthusiasts for the next season. The club will need to ensure it doesn't lose these players to contract renewals.

Sports betting software scams on craigslist binary options tick chart mt4

Sports betting software scams on craigslist

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Insurance carriers, who must spend money to fight even those claims they believe are fraudulent, frequently pay out thousands of dollars—a tiny amount to the carrier despite being a significant amount to an individual—to settle these claims instead of going to court. A variation of this scam occurs in countries where insurance premiums are generally tied to a bonus-malus rating: the con artist will offer to avoid an insurance claim, settling instead for a cash compensation.

Thus, the con artist is able to evade a professional damage assessment, and get an untraceable payment in exchange for sparing the mark the expenses of a lowered merit class. The melon drop is a scam similar to the Chinese version Pengci in which a scammer will cause an unsuspecting mark to bump into them causing the scammer to drop an item of alleged value. The scam originally targeted Japanese tourists due to the high price of watermelon in Japan.

Asian tourists are often the primary target. The Baltimore stockbroker scam relies on mass-mailing or emailing. The scammer begins with a large pool of marks, numbering ideally a power of two such as 2 One half receives a prediction that the stock price will rise or a team will win, etc. After the event occurs, the scammer repeats the process with the group that received a correct prediction, again dividing the group in half and sending each half new predictions.

After several iterations, the "surviving" group of marks has received a remarkable sequence of correct predictions, whereupon the scammer then offers these marks another prediction, this time for a fee. The next prediction is, of course, no better than a random guess, but the previous record of success makes it seem to the mark to be a prediction worth great value.

For gambling propositions with more than two outcomes, for example in horse racing, the scammer begins with a pool of marks with number equal to a power of the number of outcomes, and divides the marks at each step into the corresponding number of groups, thus insuring that one group receives a correct prediction at each step. This requires a larger number of marks at the beginning, but fewer steps are required to gain the confidence of the marks who receive successful predictions, because the probability of a correct prediction is lower at each step, and thus it seems more remarkable.

The scam relies on selection bias and survivorship bias and is similar to publication bias the file-drawer effect in scientific publishing whereby successful experiments are more likely to be published, rather than failures. Several authors mention the scam: Daniel C. Ellenberg reports often hearing of the scam told as an illustrative parable, but he could not find a real-world example of anyone carrying it out as an actual scam.

The closest he found was when illusionist Derren Brown presented it in his television special The System in Brown's intent was merely to convince his mark that he had a foolproof horse race betting system rather than to scam the mark out of money. However, Ellenberg goes on to describe how investment firms do something similar by starting many in-house investment funds, and closing the funds that show the lowest returns before offering the surviving funds with their record of high returns for sale to the public.

The selection bias inherent in the surviving funds makes them unlikely to sustain their previous high returns. The fiddle game uses the pigeon drop technique. A pair of con men work together, one going into an expensive restaurant in shabby clothes, eating, and claiming to have left his wallet at home, which is nearby.

As collateral, the con man leaves his only worldly possession, the violin that provides his livelihood. The "poor man" comes back, having gotten the money to pay for his meal and redeem his violin. The mark, thinking he has an offer on the table from the second conspirator, then buys the violin from the fiddle player who "reluctantly" agrees to sell it for a certain amount that still allows the mark to make a "profit" from the valuable violin.

The result is the two con men are richer less the cost of the violin , and the mark is left with a cheap instrument. The fiddle game may be played with any sufficiently valuable-seeming piece of property; a common variation known as the pedigreed-dog swindle uses a mongrel dog upsold as a rare breed but is otherwise identical. Lottery fraud by proxy is a scam in which the scammer buys a lottery ticket with old winning numbers. He or she then alters the date on the ticket so that it appears to be from the day before, and therefore a winning ticket.

He or she then sells the ticket to the mark, claiming it is a winning ticket, but for some reason, he or she is unable to collect the prize not eligible, etc. The particular cruelty in this scam is that if the mark attempts to collect the prize, the fraudulently altered ticket will be discovered and the mark held criminally liable. The ticket was not altered, but the daily newspaper reporting the day's winning numbers was altered with a black pen.

In the USSR this scam left three people dead in , after a mark re-sold a fraudulent ticket and the second buyer engaged a criminal to "clear the issue", leading to the murder of the original mark and two family members. The investigations using a fake lottery uncovered a large group of marks all targeted by a single artist, a disgruntled former employee of the Mint who used his insider knowledge and skills to produce the high-quality forged tickets.

Three-card Monte , "find the queen", the "three-card trick", or "follow the lady" is essentially the same as the centuries-older shell game or thimblerig except for the props. At first the audience is skeptical, so the shill places a bet, and the scammer allows him to win. This is sometimes enough to entice the audience to place bets, but the trickster uses sleight of hand to ensure that he always loses, unless the con man decides to let him win, hoping to lure him into betting much more.

The mark loses whenever the dealer chooses to make him lose. A variation on this scam exists in Barcelona , Spain , but with the addition of a pickpocket. When the pickpocket succeeds in stealing from a member of the audience, he signals the dealer.

The dealer then shouts the word "aguas" — colloquial for "Watch Out! The audience is left believing that the police are coming, and that the performance was a failed scam. A variant of this scam exists in Mumbai, India. He takes the card and folds a corner and says in a hushed voice to the audience that he has marked the card. He places a bet and wins. Then he asks the others to place bets as well.

When one of the audience bets a large sum of money, the cards are switched. Governmental bodies maintain a list of entities which accredit educational institutions. Most diploma mills are not accredited by such an entity, although many obtain accreditation from other organizations such as accreditation mills or corrupt foreign officials to appear legitimate.

Graduates of these institutions risk that the qualifications gained at these institutions may not be sufficient for further study, lawful employment or professional licensure as their issuers do not hold locally-valid accreditation to grant the degrees. Some diploma mills perform no instruction or examination, instead issuing credentials based on payment and "life experience". The Doctor of Divinity title is particularly prone to misuse. A vanity press is a pay-to-publish scheme where a publishing house, typically an author mill , obtains the bulk of its revenues from authors who pay to have their books published [51] instead of from readers purchasing the finished books.

As the author bears the entire financial risk, the vanity press profits even if the books are not promoted or badly promoted and do not sell. The growth of print on demand , which allows small quantities of books to be printed cheaply, has accelerated this trend. Vanity publishing is not the same as self-publishing , in that self-published authors own their finished books and control their distribution, relying on a print shop solely to turn camera-ready content into printed volumes.

In a vanity press, the author takes the financial risk while the publisher owns the printed volumes. A vanity award is an award which the recipient purchases, giving the false appearance of a legitimate honour. Operators of fraudulent "Who's Who"-type directories would offer listings or "membership" to purchasers who are often unaware of the low rates the directories in question are consulted. The World Luxury Association is a self-proclaimed international organisation based in China that offers "official registration" for luxury brands, and inclusion in an "official list" of luxury brands, in return for a fee.

Computer users unwittingly download and install rogue security software , malware disguised as antivirus software , by following the messages which appear on their screen. The software then pretends to find multiple viruses on the victim's computer, "removes" a few, and asks for payment in order to take care of the rest. They are then linked to con artists' websites, professionally designed to make their bogus software appear legitimate, where they must pay a fee to download the "full version" of their "antivirus software".

Phishing is a modern scam in which the artist communicates with the mark, masquerading as a representative of an official organization with which the mark is doing business, in order to extract personal information which can then be used, for example, to steal money. In a typical instance, the artist sends the mark an email pretending to be from a company, such as eBay. It is formatted exactly like email from that business, and will ask the mark to "verify" some personal information at the website, to which a link is provided, in order to "reactivate" his blocked account.

The website is fake but designed to look exactly like the business' website. The site contains a form asking for personal information such as credit card numbers , which the mark feels compelled to give or lose all access to the service. When the mark submits the form without double-checking the website address , the information is sent to the swindler. A similar caller ID spoofing scheme exists with misleading telephone calls "vishing" facilitated by Internet telephony.

A fraudster can make calls through an Internet- PSTN gateway to impersonate banks, police, schools or other trusted entities. A random dialer computer or auto-dialer can impersonate healthcare providers to get Social Security numbers and birthdates from elderly patients recently released from the hospital. The auto-dialer call states it is from a reputable hospital or a pharmacy and the message explains the need to "update records" to be from the hospital or a pharmacy.

Other online scams include advance-fee fraud , bidding fee auctions "penny auctions" , click fraud , domain slamming , various spoofing attacks , web-cramming , and online versions of employment scams , romance scams , and fake rewards. Unsuspecting computer owners and users are being targeted by people claiming to be from Windows , i.

They can even get people to go to one site or another to show them these so-called errors, at which point they are required to give their credit card details in order to purchase some form of support, after which they are asked to allow remote connection to the "error-laden" computer so that the problem s may be fixed. At this point the victim's computer is infected with malware or spyware or remote connection software [55].

A scammer convinces a victim to log in to a bank and convince them that they are receiving money. Some victims of the technical support scam may have their information sold or traded to a new organization that will cold-call them and tell them that they are entitled to a refund for the support they have previously paid for. Alternatively, the scammer may impersonate a security company and convince the victim that hackers are manipulating their bank account.

The goal is for the scammer to transfer money between the user's accounts and to use HTML editing in the browser to make it appear as though new money has been transferred into the account by a legitimate company. The scammer "makes a mistake" and sends a larger amount of money than what he initially said he would send, then convinces the victim that they must refund the mistakenly sent extra money to the scammer via a wire transfer, money order, or gift cards.

Claiming to share someone else's viewpoint is the sneaky cover many church scam artists use. Pretending to share their faith lulls members of religious organizations into thinking a scammer is genuine. This is such a common crime that the state of Arizona listed affinity scams of this type as its number one scam for The art student scam is common in major Chinese cities.

A small group of 'students' will start a conversation, citing a wish to practice their English. In short order they will maneuver the conversation over to education and will claim to be art students wishing to take the mark to a free art exhibition, which will usually be in a small, well-hidden rented office. Once there the students will show the mark some art pieces which they claim to be their own work and will try to sell them at a high price, despite the pieces usually being nothing more than a worthless printout.

They will often resort to 'guilt tricks' e. The bar bill scam is common in Europe, [57] especially Budapest, Hungary. After a bit of conversation, the women will suggest that they go to a bar that they know of. Either the menu does not have prices on it or the menu is later switched with one that has higher prices.

When the bill comes, it is many times larger than expected. The women have only a small amount of cash on them, and ask the mark to pay for the bill. The mark is forced to pay before leaving sometimes with threats of violence , and directed to an ATM on the premises where they can withdraw cash. The women apologize profusely for the situation and arrange to meet the next day to pay them back, but they do not show.

In truth, the women are working with the bar and receive a cut of the payment. The con can also be performed with a well-dressed man or a gregarious local rather than an attractive woman. A variation on this is to have a taxi driver recommend the bar to the passenger, who enters alone and orders, not realizing that they will be charged an exorbitant bill.

The taxi driver receives a cut of the payment. The Beijing tea scam is a famous variation of the Clip Joint scam practised in and around Beijing and some other large Chinese cities. The artists usually female and working in pairs will approach tourists and try to make friends. After chatting, they will suggest a trip to see a tea ceremony , claiming that they have never been to one before. The tourist is never shown a menu, but assumes that this is how things are done in China.

The artists will then hand over their bills, and the tourists are obliged to follow suit. Similar scams involving restaurants, coffee shops and bars also take place. The Big Store is a technique for selling the legitimacy of a scam and typically involves a large team of con artists and elaborate sets.

Often a building is rented and furnished as a legitimate and substantial business. In , a rural co-operative in Nanjing , China constructed an entire brick-and-mortar fake bank with uniformed clerks behind counters; the unlicensed bank operated for a little over a year, then defaulted on its obligations, swindling Chinese savers out of million Chinese yuan.

The blessing scam targets elderly Chinese immigrant women, convincing them that an evil spirit threatens their family and that this threat can be removed by a blessing ceremony involving a bag filled with their savings, jewelry or other valuables.

During the ceremony, the con artists switch the bag of valuables with an identical bag with valueless contents and make off with the victim's cash or jewelry. Change raising, also known as a quick-change artist, [65] is a common short con and involves an offer to change an amount of money with someone, while at the same time taking change or bills back and forth to confuse the person as to how much money is actually being changed.

The most common form, "the Short Count", has been featured prominently in several movies about grifting, notably The Grifters , Criminal , Nine Queens , and Paper Moon. For example, a con artist targeting a cashier apologetically uses a ten-dollar bill to pay for an item costing less than a dollar, claiming not to have any smaller bills; the change of over nine dollars will include either nine singles or a five and four singles.

The con artist then claims to have found that he had a dollar bill, after all, and offers to change it and the nine dollars for the original ten. If the con artist can manipulate the clerk into handing over the ten-dollar bill first, the con artist can then hand it back to the clerk in place of one of the singles the con artist was expected to give the clerk. The con artist then pretends to notice he has "mistakenly" given the clerk nineteen dollars instead of ten; producing another single, the con artist suggests he add this to the nineteen and let the clerk give him back an even twenty.

The scam relies on the cashier's desire to keep small bills in the register, and the cashier's failure to notice that the con artist only ever provided twelve dollars the original ten-dollar bill and two singles ; the twenty dollars the clerk is left holding is a mix of the con artist's money and money from the store's register, while the con artist has stolen eight dollars and, effectively, the cheap item that was purchased.

To avoid this con, clerks should keep each transaction separate and never permit the customer to handle the original ten before handing over the ten ones. When the clerk turns away, the con artist can swap the bill he is holding to a lesser bill. The clerk might then make change for the larger bill, without noticing it has been swapped.

The technique may work better when bills are the same color at a glance like, for instance, U. A similar technique exists when a con artist asks to use a very large denomination bill to purchase a cheap item. The con artist distracts the clerk with conversation while the clerk is preparing the change, in hopes that the clerk will hand over the large amount of change without realizing that the con artist never actually handed over the large bill.

Since the con has now made the mark look suspicious, the mark feels guilty and pays up. This scenario can also be created in markets, when vendors sometimes team up and support each other's cons, if the mark tries to resist. Another variant is to use confusing or misdirected language. The dropped wallet scam usually targets tourists. The con artist pretends to accidentally drop his wallet in a public place. After an unsuspecting victim picks up the wallet and offers it to the con artist, the scam begins.

The artist accuses the victim of stealing money from the wallet and threatens to call the police, scaring the victim into returning the allegedly stolen money. Cases have been reported in eastern Europe and major cities or railway stations in China.

A variation of the Pigeon drop is also based around a dropped wallet. In this scam, the confidence artist poses as a casting agent for a modeling agency searching for new talent. The aspiring model is told that he will need a portfolio or comp card. The mark will pay an upfront fee to have photos and create his portfolio, after which he will be sent on his way in the hope that his agent will find him work in the following weeks. In a variation on this scam, the confidence artist is a casting agent involved with the adult entertainment industry.

The mark is taken to the artist's office for an interview, in which she is told that she will have to pose for nude photos or shoot a casting video, usually involving sexual acts. Upon her agreement, the mark is sent on her way, as before. She may not have to pay upfront for a portfolio, but any material generated during her "interview" may be used and sold by the confidence artist without any payment to the mark.

The fake-agent scam is often targeted against industry newcomers, since they will often lack the experience required to spot such tricks. Legitimate talent agencies advise that a genuine talent agent will never ask for money up-front, as they make their entire living from commissions on their clients' earnings.

This scam is portrayed in That 70's Show with Donna proving to Jackie that 'anyone can be a model. Very similar to the casting agent scam is the "job offer" scam in which a victim receives an unsolicited e-mail claiming that they are in consideration for hiring to a new job. The confidence artist will usually obtain the victim's name from social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Monster. In many cases, those running the scams will create fake websites listing jobs which the victim is seeking, then contact the victim to offer them one of the positions.

If the victim responds to the initial e-mail, the scammer will send additional messages to build up the victim's assurance that they are in the running, or have already been selected, for a legitimate job. This will include asking for the victim's resume as well as assurances that a phone interview will be the "next step in the hiring process".

The goal of the job offer scam is to convince the victim to release funds or bank account information to the scammer of which there are two common methods. The first is to advise the victim that they must take a test to qualify for the job and then send links to training sites which sell testing material and e-books for a fee. The victim may also be provided with an actual on-line test which is usually a fake website created by copying questions from actual certification examinations, such as the Professional in Human Resources PHR certification or the Project manager 's exam.

A second, more sinister variation, is when the scammer will advise the victim they have been hired for a job and request access to bank accounts and routing numbers in order to enter the "new hire" into the company's payroll system. This may also involve e-mails containing fake tax forms attempting to gain the victim's social security number and other personally identifiable information.

If the victim complies, their bank account will be emptied and their personal information used to commit identity theft. In this scam, tens of thousands of solicitations in the guise of an invoice are mailed to businesses nationwide. They may contain a disclaimer such as "This is a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.

The correspondence is formatted like an invoice, often with a sequential identification number, date, personalized description of the information to be published, payment details and total amount due which includes a token discount if paid within a specified time period. One variant sends a "Final Notice of Domain Listing" from an entity calling itself "Domain Services", which claims "Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may result in cancellation of this offer making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web.

The "registration" actually offers nothing beyond a vague claim that the entity sending the solicitation will submit the victim's domain name to existing search engines for an inflated fee. It does not obligate the vendor to publish a directory, renew the underlying domain in any ICANN-based registry or deliver any tangible product.

A similar scheme uses solicitations which appear to be invoices for local yellow pages listings or advertisements. As anyone can publish a yellow page directory, the promoted book is not the incumbent local exchange carrier 's local printed directory but a rival, which may have limited distribution if it appears at all.

Public records listing legal owners of new registered trademarks are also mined as a source of addresses for fraudulent directory solicitations. The intent is that a small fractional percentage of businesses either mistake the solicitations for invoices paying them or mistake them for a request for corrections and updates to an existing listing a tactic to obtain a businessperson's signature on the document, which serves as a pretext to bill the victim.

Updating is free of charge. Only sign if you want to place an insertion. In this scam, the confidence artist poses as a retail sales promoter, representing a manufacturer, distributor, or set of stores. The scam requires assistants to manage the purchases and money exchanges while the pitchman keeps the energy level up. Passersby are enticed to gather and listen to a pitchman standing near a mass of appealing products. The trickster entices by referring to the high-end products, but claims to be following rules that he must start with smaller items.

The small items are described, and 'sold' for a token dollar amount — with as many audience participants as are interested each receiving an item. The pitchman makes an emotional appeal such as saying "Raise your hand if you're happy with your purchase", and when hands are raised, directs his associates to return everyone's money they keep the product.

This exchange is repeated with items of increasing value to establish the expectation of a pattern. Eventually, the pattern terminates by ending the 'auction' without reaching the high-value items, and stopping midway through a phase where the trickster retains the collected money from that round of purchases. Marks feel vaguely dissatisfied, but have goods in their possession, and the uplifting feeling of having demonstrated their own happiness several times.

The marks do not realize that the total value of goods received is significantly less than the price paid in the final round. The Jam Auction has its roots in carny culture. This scam occurs when exchanging foreign currency. If a large amount of cash is exchanged the victim will be told to hide the money away quickly before counting it "You can't trust the locals". A substantial amount will be missing. In some cases, insisting on counting to make sure the money is all there is the basis for a clever scam.

The scam is sometimes called the Santo Domingo Sting, after an incident that took place there, reported by a journalist, Joe Harkins, who reported his involvement, in the early s. It also requires a greedy tourist who wants to beat the official rate by dealing with illegal money changers.

A person posing as an illegal money changer will approach the tourist with an offer to buy dollars at an illegal rate that may be even higher than the street rate. The changer offers to buy only large US currency, typically, a dollar bill. I'll wait while you make sure. Count it out loud so there is no mistake. He grabs his money back, pushes the mark's bill back into his hands and takes back the pesos. The scam has been completed. There is a fraudulent confidence trick a form of advance-fee scam perpetrated on people in several countries who wish to be mystery shoppers.

A person is sent a money order , often from Western Union , [76] or check for a larger sum than a mystery purchase he is required to make, with a request to deposit it into his bank account , use a portion for a mystery purchase and fee, and wire the remainder through a wire transfer company such as Western Union or MoneyGram; the money is to be wired immediately as response time is being evaluated.

The cheque is fraudulent, and is returned unpaid by the victim's bank, after the money has been wired. Valid mystery shopping companies do not normally send their clients cheques prior to work being completed, and their advertisements usually include a contact person and phone number. Some fraudulent cheques can be identified by a financial professional. In any case, it is unlikely that any bona-fide provider would allocate a high-value assignment to a new shopper or proactively recruit new ones for that purpose, preferring instead to work with a pool of existing pre-vetted experienced shoppers.

This scam is perpetrated through the phone where the caller threatens the victim with a fictitious arrest warrant. To make this threat seem real, the caller ID identifies the caller as that of the local sheriff. Victims are told they must pay a fine to avoid arrest. Fines are in the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars. The payment is requested through Western Union , Green Dot prepaid card , or similar form of untraceable currency exchange.

Cases have been reported in Florida , Georgia , Kansas and Oregon. The pigeon drop , which is depicted early in the film The Sting , involves the mark or pigeon assisting an elderly, weak or infirm stranger to keep a large sum of money safe for him. In the process, the stranger actually a confidence trickster puts his money with the mark's money in an envelope or briefcase, with which the mark is then to be entrusted.

The container is first switched for an identical one which contains no money, and a situation is engineered giving the mark the opportunity to escape, with the money, from a perceived threat e. If the mark does so, he is fleeing from his own money, which the con artist will have kept or handed off to an accomplice. A number of predatory journals target academics to solicit manuscripts for publication. The journals charge high publication fees but do not perform the functions of legitimate academic journals—editorial oversight and peer review—they simply publish the work for cash.

In this case, the mark's need for publications is the incentive for them to pay the fees. In some cases, predatory journals will use fictional editorial boards or use respected academics' names without permission to lend a veneer of credibility to the journal. A curated database of predatory journals can be found at "Scholarly Open Access". The victim is sent a document which looks, on its face, to be a coupon or a cheque for some small amount as "prize winnings".

Psychic surgery is a con game in which the trickster uses sleight of hand to apparently remove malignant growths from the mark's body. A common form of medical fraud in underdeveloped countries , it imperils victims who may fail to seek competent medical attention.

The movie Man on the Moon depicts comedian Andy Kaufman undergoing psychic surgery. In this scam, the artists pose as ticket control staff on public transport connections. They tend to look for tourists as easy marks, and therefore target train connections from the airport. They will ask to see the passenger's tickets, and once they have found a suitable mark, will claim that something is wrong with the ticket they hold.

They will then claim that an instant payment is required to avoid further legal troubles. In some cases, this scam is even committed by actual public transport staff seeking to rip off tourists. Rainmaking is a simple scam in which the trickster promises to use their power or influence over a complex system to make it do something favourable for the mark. Classically this was promising to make it rain, [85] but more modern examples include getting someone's app 'featured' on an app store , obtaining pass marks in a university entrance exam, obtaining a job, or a politician implying that they can use their influence to get a contract awarded to the mark.

The trickster has no actual influence on the outcome, but if the favourable outcome happens anyway they will then claim credit. If the event does not happen of course then the trickster may be able to claim that they need more money until it finally does. A recovery room scam is a form of advance-fee fraud where the scammer sometimes posing as a law enforcement officer or attorney calls investors who have been sold worthless shares for example in a boiler-room scam , and offers to buy them, to allow the investors to recover their investments.

The scam involves requiring an advance fee before the payment can take place, for example a "court fee". The red flag in the 'recovery scam' is that the supposed investigative agency, unsolicited, approaches the victim. The recovery scam has the victim's number only because it is operated by an accomplice of the original scammer, using a "sucker list" from the earlier fraud. An apartment is listed for rent, often on an online forum such as Craigslist or Kijiji , at or just below market value.

The rent payment clears the bank, the new tenants arrive with a truckload of worldly possessions on moving day to find that the same unit has been rented to multiple other new tenants and that the supposed "landlord" is not the owner of the property and is nowhere to be found. The Rip Deal is a swindle very popular in Europe and is essentially a pigeon drop confidence trick. In a typical variation scammers will target, say, a jeweler, and offer to buy some substantial amount of his wares at a large markup provided he perform some type of under-the-table cash deal, originally exchanging Swiss francs for euros.

This exchange goes through flawlessly, at considerable profit for the mark. Some time later the scammers approach the mark with a similar proposition, but for a larger amount of money and thus a larger return for the mark. His confidence and greed inspired by the previous deal, the merchant agrees—only to have his money and goods taken, by sleight-of-hand or violence, at the point of exchange.

The same term is used to describe a crime where a vendor especially a drug dealer is killed to avoid paying for goods. Various schemes exist to bill victims for unsolicited goods or services. Often, the call will be misrepresented as a "survey" or a "prize" award. When the business objects, the workers are threatened with lawsuits or harassed by bogus collection agencies. Another, targeting the elderly, claims a free medical alert device has been ordered for a patient by a family member or medical doctor.

The Sports investment scams are on the raise and some of the popular scams related to sports are sports arbitrage, sports betting, sports wagering, sports tipping and sports trading. The scammers will generally target the middle class people and play lots of tricks while canvassing the innocent people like pensioners, small traders, old people and individuals.

The scammers will urge the public to purchase a sports betting software that will bring profit or commission to them. The up-front cost of purchasing the software will be extremely high. After purchasing the software the customers will not get even a single penny. The scammers may contact the target group by sending mails or through phone calls. The public will fall prey easily to these types of scams and lose their hard money to these scammers.

The public are warned to show extreme caution when they receive a mail or call requesting them to deposit money for purchasing betting software. The scammers will follow unique methods and build maximum pressure while canvassing the target audience. It is imperative to note that hundreds of people all over the world have lost millions of dollars due to these types of scams.

The public should show caution when they get unsolicited calls from the scammers operating from the foreign countries. The public should immediately inform the government or police authorities if they get mails or calls from the scammers requesting them to invest money in sporting activities. The scammers will also inform the people that they are operating legally and legitimately for several years.

The winners will be none other than the promoters only and not the innocent customer. The sports scammers will provide flyers, bit notices and beautiful brochures and manage to pose themselves as a professionally managed organization. The public should not listen to them and should check their authenticity before taking proper decision. They can also seek the assistance of reputed and branded financial advisors who are operating in their city to understand whether these types of activities are legalized or not.

The scammers will send an attachment which will have graphs and charts of past performance in the sports activity which will prompt the customers to invest large funds. They will try to push you to the corner and cleverly manage to trick you. You should be very careful and should maintain maximum distance from these types of scammers. You should approach the government agencies immediately and inform their activities to the higher ups working in the department.

Female Scammers List.

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